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From the installation of a new lawn, to our weekly lawn service, or even a complete landscape renovation, Roc Brothers has your yard covered. We have the experience and expertise to ensure your dreams become a reality. Our team is comprised of a professional, friendly, and knowledgeable staff. With our industry leading skills, and the right equipment the possibilities of your outdoor space are endless. We want you to love your home a little more, and enjoy what your work so hard for.



Our commercial outdoor maintenance crews, are fully equipped, well trained professionals, who put attention to detail at the top of their list. By having state of the art equipment, and well trained employees, large commercial properties are maintained to the highest of standards, while still being completed in a timely manner. This time savings is trickled down as a cost savings to our wide array of commercial clients.


Commercial Snow Removal

When the flakes start to fly, the Roc Brothers have crews all over the state of CT providing snow and ice control services to a wide array of clients ensuring all the individual needs are met in the timeliest of fashions. We have a fleet of trucks and equipment to make sure your parking lot or driveway is bare asphalt before anyone else's. Rest assured our dedicated team works diligently day or night to get the job done and will monitor the site for days after the storm for dangerous ice accumulation.


Property Maintenance 

Whether it is a project inside your home, or out, investing in your property is always a wise decision. Our crews have years of experience and back ground in the industry. We are here to aid in your home project, and share the vision from concept to completion, we strive to make projects around your house pain free.

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